Delivering a quality, affordable cataract service for private patients.

Cataracts are the leading treatable cause of blindness in sub-Saharan Africa.

Financial constraints leave many patients visually impaired.

This project offers reduced costs to relieve at least some of this burden.


– Consultation R 2 000

– Cataract surgery (Ophthalmologist, Hospital & Anesthetist)

-One eye R15 000

– Both eyes R23 000

– Medication from Pharmacy: +- R600 per eye


– Ophthalmologists: Dr Lourens Coetzee/ Dr Philip Phatudi

– CORMED hospital

– Standard phaco-emulsification or manual small incision cataract surgery (MSICS)

– Mono-focal lens implantation.

Exclusion criteria

– Complicated cataracts

– Pediatric cataracts

– Traumatic cataracts

– Other ocular pathology will be treated on a case to case basis and might influence decision to perform cataract surgery.

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