It is a new era for sciences, a new horizon for medical facilities. With all the cutting edge advances in medical technology it is possible to have talent and elegance meet rigor and precision, while also embodying best practices for a green company by using electronic medical records. With patient information pamphlets and coffee to round off the experience.

Envision Laser Suite

Our complete laser suite is equipped with 2 lasers: a femtosecond laser and an excimer laser. Here we do Bladeless Lasik, PresbyLasik, PRK, Intra-stromal corneal ring segments, Corneal crosslinking and other modern, technologically advanced surgeries.

Envision Vanderbijlpark

Located at 14 Hertz Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark, just behind Cormed hospital the highly visible Envision Centre for Sight provides the perfect location for an ophthalmology practice. The practice is set up with equipment for diagnosing, evaluating and treating eye disease combined with revolutionary software to complement this equipment.

Envision Parys

On the corner of Kruis & President Street in Parys we recreated our Vanderbijlpark rooms on a slightly smaller scale. This is also a state of the art facility that is supported by the Vanderbijlpark practice.

Cormed Hospital

Located in Pasteur Boulevard in Vanderbijlpark, Cormed Hospital was voted the third best hospital in South Africa by Discovery’s top 20 hospital survey in August 2016. Cormed hospital provides a superb patient experience.