See the world as it's meant to be seen

Just imagine running on the beach without having to clean your glasses every now and then to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Or swimming laps and actually seeing the lines between the lanes clearly. Or even scuba diving without struggling with glasses or contact lenses. Bladeless Lasik is the most common form of laser eye surgery and is suitable for most patients. It offers the least discomfort and the fastest recovery time of all vision correcting surgery. You could be back at work within 24 hours.

Trans PRK

If you are not a candidate for Lasik, trans PRK surgery can be another excellent option to help you achieve your overall vision goals. PRK is a refractive surgery technique designed to reshape the cornea and enhance your ability to focus clearly without the aid of corrective eyewear. This technique is suitable for patients with thinner corneas or superficial corneal scars.

A phakic intraocular lens (PIOL) is a special kind of lens that is implanted surgically into the eye to correct myopia (nearsightedness). The eye’s natural lens is left untouched.
These implantable lenses are indicated for patients with high refractive errors when laser options for surgical correction (LASIK and PRK) are contraindicated. For patients with high myopia, phakic intraocular lenses are a better option than excimer laser surgery. If you are not a candidate for laser vision correcting surgery like LASIK this might be an option to get spectacle independence.

Secondary Lens Implantation

The Best Experience Ever

"I'll undergo LASIK another 2000 times as long as the vision is as amazing as this."
Patient Review
Rozanne Foulds
Beauty Specialist