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Art and Technology Working Together

The art of medicine challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.

During an Advanced Ocular Examination the latest technology in ophthalmology is used to identify the unexpected and accurately determine your results after treatment or surgery. Everything from your cornea (clear front window of your eye) right through to the nerve at the back of the eye is scanned and checked. An ocular scatter index also determines which parts of the eye contribute to decreased vision by looking at how light travels through one’s eye. There is nothing as disappointing as not getting the results you expected. By examining your eye in totality, we know when there are other factors involved that can influence outcomes. 

This is where the art comes in: choosing the best option for your lifestyle. If spectacle independence is preferred our aim is perfection. This means that all other possible imperfections of your eye have to be excluded. With all of this information the best lens for your lifestyle can be chosen to ensure comfort for a lifetime.

Disclaimer: The medical content provided is not intended to replace appropriate medical consultation with a qualified health care provider. According to research cataract surgery is safe and effective but not everyone is a good candidate for cataract surgery. Vision can change over time. Medical outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Results vary, risks and complications can occur with any medical procedure.

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