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Back to School: take care of your eyes.

An uncorrected refractive error has been reported to occur in up to 15% of South African children. It can cause poor academic performance, poor self-confidence, and a poor quality of life. It is therefore important that all children need to be assessed by an eye care practitioner (optometrist or ophthalmologist) before reaching a school-going age. It is also important to have regular eye check-ups because a child’s vision may deteriorate over time. Children are often unaware of any visual impairment because they don’t know the difference between normal and impaired vision. It is therefore useful for parents to consult with their child’s teacher who may notice if the child is unable to see the blackboard during class. If there is any suspicion of visual impairment, consult your eye care practitioner who will identify and treat any problems to avoid permanent complications.

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