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Difference between being Blind and Vision.

Myth: Someone who is blind can see nothing at all. Fact: Many people who are ‘legally’ blind may still have some remaining vision. If someone tells you they’re blind, you should not be surprised if you find they still have some useful sight. Different causes of blindness affect people differently. You can be classified as blind if you have poor visual acuity which is measured by for example seeing hand movements or not. Someone who has severe tunnel vision can also be classified as being blind. They may still have a spot of vision left in the centre and it can be compared to looking through a toilet roll. This is seen in Glaucoma. People with AMD lose their central spot of vision first and can still see on the periphery. We recently celebrated World Sight Day to create awareness that 75% of blindness globally can be prevented or cured. Blindness causes significant disability. The prevention and early detection of these diseases is of utmost importance. Low vision or blindness due to cataract can be cured instantaneously by surgery and disability due to cataract is tragic and unnecessary. #WorldSightDay

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