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The Big Cataract Myth number 8.

Myth: Cataract surgery is unsafe.

Fact: Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most highly perfected surgical procedures in medicine, with a more than 98% success rate. 

Most problems can be treated successfully. As with any medical procedure complications are possible as everyone’s anatomy is not exactly the same. 

In cataract surgery planning is the key to success. You have to do a proper eye exam and plan surgery to the last detail. 

If you had a bad experience, please visit your ophthalmologist again or go for a second opinion. Eye surgery complications can often be treated successfully. 

It is however true that the safest operation is no operation at all. If you can still see clearly with your glasses and you do not mind wearing glasses, then cataract surgery is not for you. Most patients with cataracts that do get surgery have reduced vision even with their glasses. These patients are very happy with their results and their quality of life can improve immensely.

The medical content provided is not intended to replace appropriate medical consultation with a qualified health care provider. According to research cataract surgery is safe and effective but not everyone is a good candidate for cataract surgery. Vision can change over time. Medical outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Results vary, risks and complications can occur with any medical procedure. Patient testimonials are the opinion of that patient about their individual experience.

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