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Cataract Myth vs Fact Number 2

Myth: You cannot fly after cataract surgery.

Fact: You can fly the day after cataract surgery

Flying away from your ophthalmologist’s practice is more of concern of separation from your surgeon than of altitude. Most people could fly the day after cataract surgery if really necessary It is advisable however for your ophthalmologist to refer you to an ophthalmologist in your destination city for follow up. Most ophthalmologists examine their patients on the first day after cataract surgery and prefer them to be available for another week in case they have any concerns. During this period rare, but potentially serious, complications would likely be detected, if they were to occur. 

You should talk to your surgeon and ask him/her for advice on early post-operative air travel in order to plan your surgery and follow up.

Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology

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