Cataract Surgery

Multifocal Lenses Have

Revolutionized Cataract Surgery


Choosing a Mono-focal lens and glasses.

Mono-focal lenses have only one power. This means that they can be selected to correct for either distance or near vision but not both. Although it is possible with mono-focal lenses to reduce an individual’s dependence on glasses they will still require them for some situations. Typically for reading as in most patients the power of the Mono-focal lens is selected to correct for distance vision. Some Mono-focal lenses can be implanted through a slightly smaller incision. This promotes wound healing and reduces inflammation.

What is the difference between multifocal intra-ocular lenses and multifocal glasses?

Implantable multifocal lenses have several rings or zones set at different powers. With this design, you are actually using both near and far vision at the same time. Your brain learns to automatically select the right focus for what you want to see

Unlike implantable multifocal lens where your brain selects the correct focus multifocal glasses have different zones from top to bottom. Far vision is at the top, intermediate vision in the middle and near vision at the bottom. This means that you actually look through different focusing powers in the lens to focus at different distances.