Covid-19: Should You Be Wearing Your Contacts or Switch to Glasses?

There is no easy answer. It is however important to wash your hands and not to touch your face to prevent transmission. Wearing either glasses or contacts causes people to touch their face or eyes more frequently, whether consciously or sub-consciously.

The safest people are those who were either born with healthy vision or who have had refractive (vision correction) surgery to fix their eyes.

If you wear glasses: be careful not to rub your eyes once your glasses are removed and clean your glasses often as the virus can adhere to the lenses and frames. Wipe your glasses and frame frequently with disinfectant wipes to ensure it is clean.

If you wear contacts: preferably switch to glasses, for now at least. If you cannot do this, be sure to be extra vigilant with regards to hand-hygiene when inserting or removing contacts. Contact lens wearers will undoubtedly be safer wearing daily disposable lenses than they will be cleaning and reusing their lenses. If you do reuse lenses use fresh solutions, clean the lens cases with soap and water each day, then rinse and dry them thoroughly before reuse.

References: Statement by Refractive Surgery Alliance

Written by Dr Yolandie Coetzee

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