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HD Analyzer can help diagnose Cataracts and Dry eyes.

The HD Analyzer is a sophisticated instrument which is able to quantify the amount of light scatter within the eye, giving us an objective measure of the quality of vision which is expressed as an Objective Scattering Index (OSI). This is useful for the assessment of cataracts because it can tell us how significant the cataract is and what impact it has on vision. 

It is particularly useful for very early cataracts which have not yet affected central visual acuity, but cause troublesome glare and halos. This information can help us demonstrate whether or not a patient will benefit from a cataract operation and thus avoid unnecessary surgery. An assessment of the influence which the lens has on vision can also help us decide if a patient will benefit from corneal refractive surgery or if lens-based refractive surgery is more suitable. 

The HD Analyzer is also able to objectively assess Dry Eye Disease by measuring the stability of the tear film and capturing high resolution images of the meibomian glands which play a role in tear production. The tear film stability over time is compared against the ocular scatter to assess the impact of dry eye on the quality of vision. This is useful in excluding an abnormal tear film as a cause of vision loss and can also be used to monitor the patients response to dry eye treatment.

The HD Analyzer

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