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Age? How old is too old for PresbyLasik?

It is not a matter of your age but the aging of your eye’s natural lens which often becomes significant after age 55. If you are starting to develop cataracts, Lasik might not give you the clear vision you hoped for and cataracts may cloud your vision again soon. Fortunately, you still have options and do not have to put an age limit on your dream of spectacle independence. Refractive lens exchange, also called clear lens exchange, may be a better option than PresbyLasik for people with high refractive errors and those who already have lens changes. The procedure is almost identical to cataract surgery, the only difference being that the lens being removed is not cloudy due to cataract yet. This means that you will not develop cataracts. Mutli-focal lenses are often used to correct refractive error and achieve sharper focus, reducing the need for bifocal or reading glasses. Presbyopia-correcting intraocular lens surgery can produce visual outcomes with low complication rates and high patient satisfaction, according to the findings of a large study presented by Andreas Hartwig PhD. Medical aids do not fund this procedure. The medical content provided is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care provider. #AllAdoutVision#Eurotimes

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