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Is eye makeup dangerous for your eye health?

Fact: Eye makeup does not harm your eye health when applied and removed correctly.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and what a better way to decorate your windows than with some beautiful eyeshadow or eyeliner as ‘curtains’. Eye makeup when applied and removed correctly should not be harmful to your eye health but there are certain risks involved in the use of eye makeup. In some cases when eye make is not removed properly or when poor quality makeup is used it can lead to blepharitis (inflammation of your eyelids) or other eye health concerns.

Tips when using makeup:

-Use eye friendly, hypoallergenic makeup. -Look at the expiry date and never use mascara or eyeliner longer than 3 months as bacteria can grow in these makeup containers. -Never share eye makeup with anyone as eye infections can spread via the applicators. -Always wash your face thoroughly before applying makeup and ensure that you remove all makeup before going to bed. Beauty products to avoid or use with caution: -Glitter eyeshadow -Faux Eyelashes -Heated Eyelashes Curlers The medical content provided is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care provider. Source:

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