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Is Lasik Painful?

Fortunately, most patients agree that it is a pain-free procedure. You may experience some discomfort like someone is pressing on your eye. Numbing eye drops are used to keep your eyes comfortable and pain-free during LASIK. This takes about 10 to 15 minutes to numb both eyes. During the first half of the procedure, it feels like someone is pressing on your eyelid, with the creation of the corneal flap. Thereafter you will be asked to stare at a light as the laser reshapes the cornea. If you are anxious before your procedure, your surgeon can give you a mild sedative to help you relax. Afterward, you might find that your eyes will be light sensitive and a bit uncomfortable for about 6- 8hours, use your drops and pain medication as prescribed to ensure minimum discomfort. Author: Ilka de BeerThe medical content provided is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care provider.

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