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Keratoconus Number 1 Myth.

Myth: Nothing can be done for Keratoconus. 
Fact: Modern technology has revolutionized the treatment of Keratoconus.

When your symptoms are mild, your vision can be corrected with glasses. Later you may need to wear special hard contact lenses called scleral lenses to help keep vision in proper focus.

Different modern procedures can be combined: 
1. With collagen cross linking your ophthalmologist uses a special UV light and eye drops to strengthen the tissues of the cornea. Doing this helps to flatten your cornea. It also slows down progression.
2. An intra-stromal corneal ring segment is a very small curved device that your ophthalmologist puts in your cornea with the help of a femto-second laser. These ring segments help flatten the curve of your cornea to improve vision.
3. PRK is laser surgery and corrects mild to moderate refractive error left after cross linking and corneal intrastromal rings.
4. Intra ocular lenses can correct from low to high refractive error associated with keratoconus. 

When symptoms are severe, your ophthalmologist may suggest a corneal transplant. This surgery replaces all or part of your diseased cornea with healthy donor cornea tissue.

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