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The LASIK Myth #2

Myth: Doctors won’t have LASIK themselves

Fact: Nearly 2/3 of Refractive Surgeons have had LASIK Done on Themselves

July 2020 marks the 21st anniversary of LASIK’s approval by the U.S. FDA and we are celebrating Global Vision Correction month. Over 19 million LASIK procedures have been performed in the US alone, with 98 % to 99% patient satisfaction. Over 6300 studies & reports and a recent review of the best studies found them to be in support of a better than 99% success rate. 

Vision correction surgeons themselves have LASIK and similar surgeries 4 times more frequently than the general population. They also routinely recommend it to friends and family members.

Disclaimer: The medical content provided is not intended to replace appropriate medical consultation with a qualified health care provider. According to research LASIK is safe and effective but not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. Vision can change over time. Medical outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Results vary, risks and complications can occur with any medical procedure. Patient testimonials are the opinion of that patient about their individual experience.

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