Myopia Control Management

Myopia Series #1 Refractive errors are the most common cause of reversible vision impairment worldwide. Myopia or Nearsightedness is a growing public health problem which affects more than 2 billion people globally. It has a strong genetic basis with more than 200 gene associations but lifestyle also plays an important causative role. Prolonged near-work (including the use of smart devices) and reduced time spent outdoors have been identified as important risk factors for the development and progression of myopia. The lifestyle changes associated with rapid economic development are leading to an increasing prevalence of myopia at a younger age, resulting in increased vision impairment and blindness from its complications.Laser Vision Correction is well established as a safe and effective means to correct myopia and other refractive errors. The cost of the technology is rapidly falling making it a more accessible investment in your eye health.#healthcare#technology#myopiamanagement#lasiksurgery

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