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How does LASIK affect your Night Vision.

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Myth: LASIK makes your night vision worse 

Fact: Modern LASIK does not affect night vision and may even improve it. 

PROWL-1 and PROWL-2 are two FDA approved studies. Spectacle free vision 3 months after LASIK showed that the presence of glare and halos was dramatically reduced as compared with their presence preoperatively with glasses. This effect was enhanced over further time. No patient in either group experienced significant ghosting after surgery as compared to beforehand.…/jamaophthalmo…/fullarticle/2587831

88% of pilots who land on aircraft carriers at night found their night vision to be better after LASIK with no glasses than they did with their glasses before surgery in another study.…/jamaophthalmo…/fullarticle/2587831

Some patients already have glare, starbursts and halo’s even before LASIK. If this does cause problems with night driving, you can keep anti-glare glasses in your car for when you drive at night. Most LASIK patients do however not need it. 

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