Are glasses and contact lenses keeping you from living your life to the fullest?

Premium LASIK is a custom and Presbyopia correction option for patients 18-55 years of age. A custom ablation removes small imperfections in your cornea. Your vision could even be better that before LASIK with glasses or contact lenses. You can also get independence from reading glasses. Statistically 10% of patients might need an enhancement which we offer free of charge if needed. 

To determine the ideal vision correction for you an advanced ocular examination is the first step. After your advanced ocular examination Dr Lourens will determine if you qualify based on the fact that other eye diseases do not affect your vision. We will not approve your LASIK if we are not convinced that you will have vision that is at least as good as with your glasses or even better.


Our society prefers that we do not display prices on our webpage for ethical reasons. Please fill in your information below to get an instant quote.

This procedure has a good safety profile. Although complete healing takes around 6 weeks most patients have great vision the day after surgery already. If you have thin corneas PRK might be another option. This costs more or less the same. The procedure causes a bit more discomfort than LASIK and healing takes around 6 weeks. LASIK can correct up to around -12D to -14D of myopia depending on your corneas.

For those with severe myopia a phakic intra-ocular lens (PIOL) is a special kind of lens that is implanted surgically into the eye. It is almost like a permanent contact lens being implanted in the eye. The price is depended on the choice of lenses and an accurate estimate can only be given once the lenses have been calculated.