Did you know that it is possible to see without glasses again after cataract surgery?

Choosing Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery with multifocal lens implants can make you spectacle independent. In laser cataract surgery, an advanced femto-second laser replaces the use of a blade. Use of a laser can improve the precision and accuracy, potentially reducing risks of cataract surgery.

If you choose cataract surgery with a mono-focal lens you will need glasses for either near or far vision. There will be an improvement in your vision in general with more clarity and improved colour vision. There are other options in that gives some, but not complete, spectacle independence like extended depth of field lenses.

After your advanced ocular examination your ophthalmologist will discuss the lens options with you to help you choose the best lens for your lifestyle. We will screen you for all eye diseases related to your age group and determine the outcomes that can be expected based on the fact that other eye diseases do not affect your vision.


Is it possible to put a price tag on something priceless like your vision?
In the end we will only regret the decisions we did not make.

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