The hands that take care of you

Our Team


Dr Lourens Coetzee

Managing Director MBChB (UP), Dip Ophth (SA), FC Ophth (SA), MMed Ophth (UFS)
After completing his ophthalmology degree at the University of the Free State he further developed his skill in cornea and refractive surgery under the guidance of Dr. Johan de Lange before starting his own private practice. He also has experience in high volume cataract surgery due to the fact that he was a consultant for NGO's like Doctors for Life and African Vision. He is committed to research in refractive and cornea transplant surgery and a partner of the Keratoconus Foundation. He also regularly presents at congresses.His family are his inspiration to reach great heights.

Dr Yolandie Coetzee

Chief Excutive Officer (CEO) MBChB (Pret), Dip Med Education (UFS)
Dr Yolandie is our CEO not only is she a general practitioner with a diploma in medical education She also has a special interest in Medical systems and medical economics. She is an expert in graphic design, content writing and her creativity has no end. She is passionate about medical education and she is a real go-getter. Nothing gets her down as she always bounces back no matter what the situation. Her intelligence surpasses many and she poses the ability to succeed no matter what is expected. She is the personification of multi-tasking as well as her many talents in various fields make her the one and only boss-lady we know. Whether we need her medical expertise, her caring advice or her leadership we can always count on her because she is capable of doing all that is necessary. In a way one can say that Dr Yolandie IS Envision and without her we would be lost.

Our doctors

Dr Lourens Coetzee

MBChB (UP), Dip Ophth (SA), FC Ophth (SA), MMed Ophth (UFS)
After completing his ophthalmology degree at the University of the Free State he further developed his skill in cornea and refractive surgery under the guidance of Dr. Johan de Lange before starting his own private practice. He also has experience in high volume cataract surgery due to the fact that he was a consultant for NGO's like Doctors for Life and African Vision. He is committed to research in refractive and cornea transplant surgery and a partner of the Keratoconus Foundation. He also regularly presents at congresses.His family are his inspiration to reach great heights.

Dr Phillip Phatudi

MBChB (UP), Dip Hiv Man DOMH (UP), Dip Ophth (SA), FC Ophth (SA), MMed Ophth (UFS)
Dr Philip Phatudi obtained his undergraduate medical training from the University of Pretoria. It was during this time that he developed a keen interest in Ophthalmology, and decided to pursue further training. While training as a medical officer in Ophthalmology, he became involved in community cataract outreach programs in the Limpopo region, where he was born, and realized there was a great need for eye services, especially in the more impoverished rural areas. He pursued his specialization at the University of the Free State, where he spent 4 years specializing in Ophthalmology. After two years as an Ophthalmologist, he was awarded the ICO-World Glaucoma Association three month Fellowship, and spent three months in Helsinki, Finland, specializing in glaucoma. He is currently a consultant at the St John Eye hospital, Baragwanath hospital, and is involved in the training of eye specialists. He is also in private practice. He is married to Dr Precious Phatudi, who is also an Ophthalmologist, and enjoys travelling with his family.

Dr Thariq Bagus

MBBChWits), MMed(Wits), FC Ophth(SA)
Dr Thariq Bagus is a creative thinker, problem solver and humanitarian. He has experience in high volume cataract surgery from his work with NGO’s such as The Bureau for prevention of blindness. He believes in a holistic approach to managing patients and his method is guided by the principles of Batho Pele. He completed both his medical degree and ophthalmology specialist degree at the University of the Witwatersrand and was awarded the Elie Dahan Ophthalmology Registrar of the Year Prize. He also regularly presents at congresses and has been awarded prizes from the South African Glaucoma society and the Wits School of Clinical Medicine. His commitment to research resulted in his first article being published in African Vision and Eye Health in September 2019. Dr Bagus enjoys medical education, 3 D animation and web design. Although he only joined Envision recently, everyone is excited about what the future will bring.

The Ophthalmic Assistants

Mapitso Lizert Twaala

Ophthalmic Clinical Manager Theatre Practitioner; N.Dip Information Technology (CUT); Dip. Theatre Practice; Ophthalmic Assistant Level 1 and 2
Lizzy is in charge of the clinical floor. She is a leader who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Her diploma in theatre practice and a national diploma in information technology provide a useful set of tools for all her behind the scenes responsibilities including administration of the clinical team and patient flow. Lizzy has been with Envision from the very start knowledge gained from her training and her experience are invaluable. comes with experience.

Karen Manhdlazi

Karen takes pride in her work. She started as a patient liaison and recently completed her Ophthalmic Assistant Level 1 course. She is now one of our new ophthalmic assistants in training. She's easy to love and very well spoken. You can see who she is by looking at her kind way of working with our patients. She is strong and willing to take on a challenge.

Tasha de Swardt

Ophthalmic Assistant Level 1 and 2
In a short space of time, Tasha has completed both her Ophthalmic Assistant Level 1 and 2 courses and is gaining experience as an ophthalmic assistant. Her duties include doing screening tests and special ophthalmic examinations. The world of ophthalmology was new to her just a few years ago, yet she is now a solid, reliable and thoughtful member of the clinical team. Her warm heart, caring personality and love for people are ideal traits for working in a clinical setting.

Werner Coetzee

Ophthalmic Assistant’s Course Level 1 Certificate Introduction to Electrical Engineering Certificate DDC Dolphin Service and Equipment Training Certificate Busy Studding in IT support and Network Systems
Werner is a ‘glass-half-full’ person. He makes all of us better. You can always hear him laughing. His passion for his work can be seen by everyone. He is a qualified ophthalmic assistant, has a certificate in Electrical engineering and is studying IT support and network systems. He is not only an ophthalmic assistant, but Werner also helps us with all our IT and technical problems. A real lifesaver.

Liana Le Roux

Ophthalmic Assistant Level 1 and 2
Liana is a giver. She is the kind of person who does not need a reason to help her colleagues, patients, or anyone for that matter. For this reason, Liana can basically do everything and anything in the practice. Her passion for people makes her an amazing ophthalmic assistant. She is a certified ophthalmic assistant and laser technician and has been part of the Envision family for as long as we can remember.

Quinette van de Merwe

BA Psychology and Tourism Management
Quinette has been a versatile and enthusiastic member of first the administration team, and now the clinical team as ophthalmic assistant at Envision. She enjoys contributing to processes and procedures that improve the flow of the practice with the experience gained from working on both sides of the business. Her degree in psychology gives her insight and perspective, which she easily translates into patient care and a listening ear for her colleagues.

The Patient Liaison

Mpendulo Nduli

Patient Liaison and Barista, Skilled in customer service and computers
Mpendulo is a hugely popular member of the Envision staff loved by the patients and adored by his co-workers. One of his more visible duties is as our in-house barista, which complements his patient liaison duties very well. Serving his amazing brewed specialities, he ensures that every patients' experience is light-hearted and relaxed. He is always calm and his engaging personality means that few people will pass him in the halls or wait for their coffee without sharing a quick chat. Being a gentle, creative all-rounder means he always aspires to more than is expected. He plans to complete the Ophthalmic Assistant level 1 certification and aims to build more knowledge and experience in ophthalmology. Without Mpendulo our days would be thirsty and our energy low.

Marketing Manager

Ilka de Beer

MARKETING MANAGER; BA Communication Science (UFS) - Cum Laude; BA Hons Film And Visual Media (UFS)
llka is at the lead of all Envision's marketing and communication needs which includes social media marketing. She is an inspired, creative problem-solver and a joy to work with. She also enjoys sharing ideas and finding new ways to enhance the success of any project she takes on. Ilka has a BA in Communication Science with an honours in Film and Visual Media, as well as a diploma in Marketing Management. Her ‘outside the box’ thinking makes our marketing modern and exciting by focussing on different media including film. She has helped many co-workers and patients to let the actor inside them come to life. She is easy going, easy to talk to and makes everyone feel comfortable. Her laugh is contagious and she is loved by all her co-workers.

Administrative Staff

Nadia Maree

National Diploma Cost & Management; Ophthalmic Assistant Level 1 and 2
“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another” John C Maxwell. Nadia has been part of the Envision team since the beginning and is an integral part of its growth. She started as a debtor’s clerk and being a natural leader, it was inevitable for her to become the head of the administration function, and gradually take on wider responsibilities in finance. Nadia either knows how to do something or will quickly find a way to do it. Her support of her colleagues and her medical aid and ophthalmology expertise is felt through the depth and breadth of the organisation. Her exceptional attention to detail and accuracy is combined with a high level of integrity and trustworthiness to ensure the best results for both patient and practice.

marianne van jaarsveld

Marianne is the mother of Envision. She is an invisible strength that never gets tired. She is our glorious life force that carries us through smiles and tears. Ever optimistic she always has a helping hand, an ear for listening and a caring heart. Marianne is the voice of the practice and manages our patient bookings and schedule. Her many years of experience in ophthalmic reception and further studies in medical technology makes her perfect for the mammoth task of planning for the unexpected emergencies and trying to keep everything manageable for the clinical team.

Joy Visser

Dip Safety Management; Cert: Call Centres
Joy has a background as an administration support in academia, financial services, and retail. And she has also spent time as a teacher. This versatility and her bubbly and engaging manner are huge assets in her work in payment administration at Envision. Joy navigates the until recently unfamiliar world of ophthalmology with enthusiasm and professionalism, taking what many find to be a steep learning curve easily in her stride. She is the personification of a team player with the added attribute of a delightful sense of humour, and this has quickly won her the affection of her colleagues.

Lerato Mnisi

BA with Majors in Psychology and Sociology (WITS) BCom Honours In Industrial And Organisational Psychology (UNISA)
Lerato is one of those people who works hard in silence and lets her success make the noise. She loves to learn and can stand in for most other members of the administrative team. Her duties include invoicing and debtors’ control. Her kind, fair and just manner makes her ideal to follow up with medical aids on the patient’s behalf. She has also completed her Ophthalmic Assistant Level 1 course which gives her even more insight into her work. She is always ready with a solution to any challenge and with her background in psychology and ability to be playful, attentive and a good listener, she has won the trust and admiration of her colleagues.

Hester Van Litzenborgh

Ophthalmic Assistant Level 1
Hester started out as a patient of Dr Lourens Coetzee, even before Envision opened its doors. She has struggled with her vision and has had multiple eye surgeries and procedures. C.S Lewis said, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” Having been on the other side to experience hardships with her vision, she has sympathy, empathy and compassion for our patients and always goes the extra mile. Hester is in charge of our theatre bookings and ensures that authorizations are obtained prior to surgery. Her journey has taken her from patient to colleague, to a part of the Envision family.

Zhanè Gierke

Ophthalmic Assistant Level 1 and 2
Zhanè is the first person most of our patients see when they arrive for their consultations and procedures, and it is her warmth and obvious caring that immediately sets them at ease. Zhanè previously worked in the mining space before taking up an opportunity to join an ophthalmology practice where she spent six years before joining Envision. She brings a wealth of highly relevant experience in practice administration, client liaison, and ophthalmic assistance, making her perfectly suited to say ‘I’ve got this’ to what is asked of her, both administratively and clinically.

Jolene' Ayres

Accountant, BCom; CA; BSc. (Hon) Psychology
Statistics and numbers are no good unless you have good people to analyse and interpret their meaning and importance. Jolene’ is our finance boffin and puts systems in place to gather and analyse accounting data that management uses to steer the company and make decisions. She is also responsible for the payroll and certain HR duties. With a degree in Computer Programming, an Honours degree in Psychology and a Chartered Accountancy degree she is well equipped with knowledge and experience to support management and the Envision team. Everyone knows that if you need help with data management, she is the expert. Jolene’ is also a Christian Blogger (#ChildOfGod) and shares daily messages of spiritual inspiration.