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How is the Cataract Cares with Multifocal Lenses option.

“It’s about 24 hours after the surgery and I am able to see a spider web for the first time in years” – Johan Mulder
Mr Mulder is another happy patient sharing his experience after private cataract surgery.
He opted for our multifocal Cares option to ensure that not only his cataracts will be removed but he will also be mostly spectacle independent after the procedure.
What is Envision Cares Cataract Surgery?
Delivering a quality, affordable cataract service for private patients. We have two options within the Cataract Cares project: standard cataract surgery as well as multifocal cataract surgery. The standard option will treat your cataracts and improve your vision by replacing your clouded lens with a new mono-focal lens. Multifocal cataract surgery will offer other lifestyle improvements such as being less dependent on glasses and readers.
Do you suspect that you may have cataracts?
We offer a self-test online to determine if you have cataract symptoms and might benefit from a multifocal lens:
Watch the full video to see Mr Mulder’s experience one day after surgery

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