The Difference


Patient Orientated Services

At Envision we know that despite astonishing advances in the science of medicine, the interpersonal encounter between patient and physician remains a cornerstone of medical care.

Envision modern ophthalmology
Envision Team

Team of Experts

The passion and dedication of our Ophthalmologists is the benchmark for our entire team, each of them was handpicked for their commitment to deliver the highest possible standard of care.

Quality Care

Visitors should experience the art of medicine and be involved in the management of their disease as this is a key measure of success.

Quality Care Envision Theatre

Passion for people

  • At Envision we do not treat the disease. We treat the patient who has the disease.
  • Our patients should not leave the practice with only a script or a surgery date but with a complete plan for the future and an understanding of their condition.
  • Our dedicated team of ophthalmologists, nurses, clinical associates, ophthalmic assistants, researchers and administrators are hand-picked for their commitment to excellent clinical care and patient experience.
  • We have a high ratio of staff to patients to ensure a personal approach.
  • Envision is involved in community projects to give the gift of sight to less fortunate South Africans. We are partners of the Keratoconus foundation, support Hope for the Blind and host charity events like a Cataract Marathon and Cornea Drive with Cormed Hospital.

Passion for eyes

  • Our three ophthalmologists each have a special field of interest and go to great lenghts to sharpen their skills by attending world wide congresses and workshops.
  • At Envision our centres of excellence provide a high level of expertise and world class treatment and research in cataract surgery, keretoconus and corneal disease, vision correcting surgery and glaucoma.
  • We strive for continuous improvement by measuring success with research and contributing to ophthalmic development by presenting our results at congresses.
  • We are affiliated with the European Registry of Quality Outcomes for Cataract and Refractive Surgery (EUREQUO), whichprovides a means to investigate the surgical outcome and helps encourage surgeons to make audit adjustments to their techniques and improve their surgical  
  • Envision regularly hosts Continual Professional Development meetings and workshops for optometrists to advance eye care.

Passion for technology

  • The technical advances in ophthalmology have been rapid. At Envision we embrace new technology to constantly improve our techniques and results.
  • We regularly visit world class eye centres to ensure that our standards are second to none.