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The main causes of preventable blindness may surprise you.

Many causes of blindness can be treated or prevented. Globally the main causes of blindness in adults older then 50 are cataract and glaucoma followed by under-corrected refractive error. The leading cause of moderate to severe visual impairment is under-corrected refractive error.  

The number of years of life refractive error affects is more than other eye diseases such as cataracts, which usually only starts at an older age.  

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Vision loss has a significant impact on the lives of those who experience it as well as on their families, their friends, and society. Loss of income for someone with low vision, even in a low-income position, may add up to hundreds of thousands over a lifetime. 

Glasses and contacts are a great solution. In a third world country the only concern is that it is not a permanent solution. Many patients cannot afford replacing glasses. 

Should refractive surgery really be seen as a luxury? Can LASIK be used to address blindness and low vision in developing countries? 

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