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The Van Helsdingen Twins and their PresbyLasik Journey.

Testimonial Tuesday: Watch this video to share in the Van Helsdingen Twins’ PresbyLasik Journey to spectacle freedom.

Presbyopia is the inevitable fate of all of us. If you live long enough, you will need reading glasses. Andre and Riaan Van Helsdingen met their presbyopia fate a few years ago where they became more dependent on glasses to read, work and do everyday tasks. 
The Van Helsdingen Twins are the founding fathers of the well known Twin Boats and Trailers company now known as Sensation Boats. The brothers have traveled all around the world with their big dreams and have successfully accomplished many of their goals in the industry. They are our very own Vaal celebrities. Riaan and Andre are the definition of reach for your dreams as they havent always had it easy but they still managed to be highly successful, currently they are also the hosts of the annual Celebrity Ice Block Challenge which raises funds for various charities. Their main mision in life besides manufacturing boats and trailers is to encourage people to believe in their dreams. The twins also enjoy flying and spending time with their families. 
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