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Three Types of Tears

Myth: The eye only produces one type of tear 
Fact: Your body produces three types of tears 
The main function of tears is to lubricate the eyes and help us to have clear vision and keep our eyes in good health. 
The first type of tears are emotional tears that come from the heart and are a product of emotional experiences of joy or sadness and other passionate feelings.
Second in line are the tears that wash away any irritants within the eye. Have you ever felt that burning sensation when the smoke at a braai blows in your direction? Irritants are flushed away by reflex tears. 
Lastly and most importantly we have the tears that keep our eyes lubricated and healthy ensuring that our cornea is protected. It acts as a constant barrier between the cornea and any outside elements, and they are called basal tears. 
Not only does the body produce three different types of tears but the tear itself has three layers: The inside layer is made of mucus; the middle layer is the thickest and made of water; The outside layer is oily to keep the other layers from evaporating. For more info on tear layers and how they work see video below: The Three Layers of the Tear Film
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