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What is an Advance Ocular Analysis?

Most of us want to know that we have made the best decision before putting it to the test. At Envision we want to be sure that together we can make the best choice for your vision. An Advanced Ocular Analysis is a complete eye evaluation that is performed prior to our laser vision correction procedures. The examination and tests are aimed at screening for and diagnosing any other medical conditions like glaucoma, corneal diseases, retinal diseases or previous eye trauma. Tests and scans are done to evaluate your eye from where the light passes into your eye to where the nerve cells at the back of your eye turn it into impulses and sends the image to your brain. This will help us to make an informed decision and an accurate prediction of the visual outcome you can expect after surgery. We won’t approve your LASIK if we do not believe that you will see at least as well, if not better than with your glasses or contacts. Every surgical procedure, even LASIK, has risks. Like all procedures some patients may not qualify for a specific procedure. If you are considering LASIK, discuss it with your refractive surgeon

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