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Will PresbyLasik work for me or not?

Our brain’s wonderful ability to adapt is central to presbyopic laser vision correction. Prior to PresbyLasik a tolerance test is essential. This determines if it will be well tolerated by your brain. 

The principle behind Presbyopic laser vision correction is extended focus. Each cornea’s shape is changed ever so slightly by the removal of microscopic amounts of tissue at pre-determined positions to correct its overall curvature, and in turn correct the refractive error and extend the depth of focus. Each cornea will have a resultant stronger focus in the centre and slightly weaker towards the periphery with a smooth transition. The non-dominant eye has the strongest focus for near objects and the dominant eye has the strongest focus for far objects. Amazingly with both eyes and the brain working together your near and distance vision will be better than with each individual eye. A long overlap in the intermediate area ensures effortless focus.  

You should however be aware that the adaption is not instant and vision will improve over a timespan of about 6 weeks to 3 months. Please remember that as yet there are no surgical or non-surgical options that are as good as the natural healthy human lens in a young person. 

The medical content provided is not intended to replace a consultation with a qualified health care provider. 

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